Milestone Sessions

Milestone Sessions

Baby’s first year goes by so quickly. With each milestone your baby reaches, it’s a time to celebrate and relish in how amazing this tiny person really is. The milestones that many parents like to capture through professional photographs include:

– “Tummy Time” when your baby is holding their head up on their tummy (~3 to 4 months);

– “Sitter Session” when your baby is sitting up on their own (~7 to 9 months);

– And of course the “One Year Birthday / Cake Smash”

While I love traditional posed images of everyone looking at the camera, I also love to capture some more relaxed, images of your child just being themselves, exploring and letting the session unfold naturally. I also aim to capture the little details that can often be overlooked, but are some of the most important images that truly tell your child’s story.

I assure you, these images will only grow in value with every passing year as your child gets bigger